New Road Ministry was founded in 2012. Our first outreach was at a Mega Church in San Antonio, Tx. We started with providing Spiritual Growth Classes to Men that had Substance Abuse issues. We took the Best Practices from other successful programs and combined them with God’s Word and we developed Sober Living. This was a 12-Step Spiritual Growth program that incorporated a Men’s Discipleship program. Several men that attended this program went on to start their own ministries and are currently discipling other men.

The program left the church classroom and it turned  into Community Outreach. We partnered with Christian Rehab programs, Secular Rehab, 12-Step programs, Homeless shelters and other Christian Ministries. We Discipled many men. Got them Jobs. Found them a Home Church. Got them into Rehab and those men went on to Disciple other men. Until we get to Heaven, we will never know the number of men we have helped but we can, without a doubt, know that we have increased the amount of Men that will make it to Heaven.

Now we are in 2018 and we are Growing again. Our churches and the community have identified a big gap that needs to be filled. Statistics show that 86% of Substance Abusers have some type of Criminal Background. San Antonio lacks housing for people with Criminal Backgrounds. We want to be part of the solution. So we are on a mission to provide Christian Housing for Men coming out of Prison or Rehab. Our Home will set the standard for Good Christian Living. Men coming out of Prison will be able to get the same help we have provided other men. Job assistance, Clothing, Spiritual Growth classes and Discipleship. We are going to build a Dorm Type Living Facility equipped with all the Amenities an apartment complex would have. We are going to have a Game Room, Workout Facility, Swimming Pool, Dining Hall with a chef on staff to provide meals and we are going to have a Chapel with a Pastor on staff that will be available to the Men anytime they need Spiritual Guidance.

All this can only be possible with your Prayers and Generosity. We want you to partner with us, so we can make a difference.

Trust in God and All Things Are Possible.