7 Keys to Healthy Living

1. Regular church attendance: Lots of good things can happen at church. The person that is struggling with Substance Abuse or a Life-Controlling problem can find refuge in Church. The family can definitely find other families that have gone thru the same thing and can be a testimony of how they were able to deal with hard-to-talk-about issues.

2. Daily personal devotions – reading Bible and personal prayer: Positive new habits are essential for people recovering from Addiction/Alcoholism.

3. Living with Christian family or friends:
Most people coming out of Rehab Centers or Jail have very little options for housing. A good Christian Family is always willing to give the person a fresh start and at the same time set some harsh, but necessary boundaries and house rules. This goes along way with a person in Recovery.
4. Have a person of accountability:
Nothing can be accomplished by yourself. If no one is keeping you accountable to the things you said you would or wouldn't do, it's just a matter of time before Relapse happens.
5. A personal ministry – evangelism, teaching a class, volunteer, etc:
A big step in Recovery is when you do something for someone else. Something meaningful and rewarding.
6. Have an emergency plan to respond to temptations:
It's like having a First Aid Kit, but for Recovery. I call it having a Recovery Toolbox. It should have phone numbers of someone you can call when you feel that life is beating you up and you might Relapse. Or a support group you can visit, a safe haven where you can vent. An exit strategy for when you get backed up into a corner and your old friends are pushing you to go back to your old ways.
7. Have a vision, dream big, and have a calling for your life: 
Being in Recovery means you got a second chance at life!Take advantage of the opportunity. Dream and Dream Big! Anything is possible now that your are Clean and Sober! Amen!

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