• are civilian jobs on military bases. Jobs in High Demand is what is posted here. Hire quickly. Online Applications only. Be prepared. the application is very similar to Federal App. Very Long, Confusing, but it’s worth it at the end. Your working on a Military Base, so if you have criminal background or don’t have a drivers license, don’t bother applying.

  • This is a homeless shelter, but it is also state of the art Transformation Center. Social Workers, Security, Warehouse, etc. If you have background issues, Non-Profit organizations are always willing to give you another chance. If you goto the Haven website and click the Partners page, it will give you  a list of non-profits in San Antonio and you can go to their websites and check available jobs.

  • Texas Workforce Commission has come a long way. They want you to find a job. And they have a ton of resources here at

  • American GI Forum San Antonio offers Veterans several areas of assistance. One is employment. They also help anyone with Disabilities. Go to

  • Day Labor. Apply Today, Work Tomorrow and get paid tomorrow! No Joke! Most jobs pay minimum wage, but some pay more. If your broke and need money now. Day Labor requires Valid Texas ID and that’s it. They have a van that takes you to the job site.

  • If you are challenged with a disability or serious background issues, there are jobs out there for you! Don’t lose hope. I have witnessed people with 7 Felony Convictions get a job and it was a good paying job, $50k and above. I have witnessed men coming out of Prison and finding $50k/Yr jobs! I personally know a lady in a wheelchair that works from home and makes over $100k/Yr! So it can be done. If all other jobs fail, then that means you start your own business! And that will bring you in what ever income level you want! Good Luck!